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Some questions you may have:


Who are you?

My name is John Holden and I’m a Dad, a husband and a photographer.  I am also the Founder of Elusive Elements Photography. 


What do you do for a living?

I work for the health region providing network support and am lead photographer for Elusive Elements Photography.


Why photography?

I just love still images.  I really enjoy cherishing a moment, a memory or a feeling.  I also like helping others.  To give someone a cherished moment they can hold and enjoy is quite something and personally very satisfying.


How long have you been doing photography?

Since 1974, I've had a camera in my hand.  Dad handed me a little Olympus Trip 35 point and shoot and it was really “cool” to be able to freeze a moment in time.  Man that little camera felt good in my hands and I was always on the scout for a better angle for the shot.  Third shot I ever took ended up on our wall and that was no easy feat.  I was a kid shooting on B&W film which Dad helped develop in the basement darkroom.  

It was pure magic to watch the images appear before my eyes.  Swishing the paper around and the smell of the chemicals is a fond memory.

In 1983 with a newer SLR and a couple of lens, my photography evolved into documenting my life and having photographic proof of adventures and again a way to reflect and enjoy the moments.  This was using 35 mm Kodak color film which was developed at labs.  The week turnaround time was excruciating.  I remember bursting with anticipation and sometimes not even making it out of the store before tearing open the envelope to see those awesome captures.  Followed by yet another surge of excitement knowing I could do better. 

In 2000 over to digital and have never looked back. 


What are your plans for your photography business?

Currently, I'm focusing on portraiture, commercial and architectural.


Nikon, Olympus or Canon?




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John Holden
Elusive Elements Photography.