Use this page as support for ordering for each step of the way. Above you can input the client access code if you were supplied with one.

The checkout procedure can be intimidating for, well, anyone !!!

Client Support Document

A number of pages have to be processed for checkout, but they are required for giving you the most flexibility and protection from any accidental or incorrect orders.
There could be up to 12 pages – YIKES!!!
The good news is most of them are one clickers. For you folks receiving free downloads, remember I usually get paid for this stuff so just bear with me as you’ll have to click through these pages as well.

At anytime you can reach me via email and I'll be happy to help you out.
No question is too small or trivial and I too have sat back and stated,
"OK, what am I suppose to click on now ?!!!"
For those of you who whiz through this procedure, you're more talented than I!!!
So, sit back and enjoy the anticipation of being a proud owner of some awesome images with that new car smell. So, let's start ...

Client Uploads Page
Choose the "Client Uploads" gallery of your choosing.

Client Gallary Page
Here you can click from picture to picture or choose a "Slideshow" at the top right.
You can choose "Buy" on the right side, then click on images to select them.
You can click on the image or the little magnifying glass to enlarge it and go from picture to picture.
You can also hover over "Buy" above picture you love and choose "Save for Purchasing Later" if you want.
You can't go wrong here !!!
Fun surfing and no commitment even if you click "buy."
Your about 5 pages away from any commitment.
Don't worry, I'll warn you!!!

To check out your chosen images, click on "Selected for Purchase" at the top left side where the info balloon was.

Selected For Purchase Page
Click "Buy All" or "Select Product" from link near upper middle of page.

Select Product Page
Select product by choosing "Select" that is in orange text of product you wish.
The "Purchasing Procedure" is similar to FREE method below except you will be choosing how you would like the image printed or downloaded. There will also be a cost associated with the selection.


Select Product Checkout Page
Free downloads will only have one selection "Digital Price List Downloads."
Now click on "Add to Cart" which should show cost of C$0.00.

Confirmation Page
This is where you can choose to checkout, adjust images if you are printing or continue shopping.
If just downloading, click on "Checkout Now" tab under cost on right side.

Shopping Cart Page
Check on "Checkout Now" again using one of the two links.
(You could also email your cart to someone for confirmation or to the photographer for touchups or processing if required.)

Register Or Login Page
You have three choices, but most likely, you just want to get to your pictures, so choose "continue" under "Guest Checkout" on the right side.

Digital Download License Agreement Page
This is the legal stuff. Be sure and scroll to the bottom.
If you're happy with the agreement, at least as happy as one can be with legal jargon.
Click on the radio button at the bottom beside "I have read and accept the terms ..."
Then "Continue Checkout" at bottom of page to continue.

Enter Your Information Page
Note some fields are optional.
I do need to know what to call you so a name is handy.
The "E-mail Receipt to" field is required to send you the link for where you can download the images.
Remember to confirm it. I just copy and paste it, but you might like typing? Ok, maybe not.

Review And Complete Your Purchase Page
OK, commitment time !!!
I told you I'd warn you.
This is the point you will commit and place your order for your awesome images!!! Very exciting!!!
If you have a coupon for a discount this is the final place to submit it.

So please double check your order and cost, then check it once more.
Check for the correct currency.
Check your "Sold to" info. This is where I change the goofy name I put in to something more professional.
If you’re a business it would be great to have that in here as well.
Remember to confirm your email again if any changes were made.
Click "Place Order" and enjoy that "just purchased new stuff" feeling.

Receipt Page
You can now print out the order and / or continue shopping or click on the logo at top left to go to main page again.

You should have received an email from Zenfolio Photo Services with an order confirmation.
If you chose to download an image (s), there will be a link on the email as well.
Click on the "Download Page" link and a web page will open with a "Download all purchased items" in the middle.
A single zipped file can be downloaded now to your computer including all images selected.

Thank you for your interest and please do not hesitate to email for any reason.
I'll be glad
to help and it will be another great reason to talk to each other.

Thanks again,
John Holden
Founder Elusive Elements Photography